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Self-locking Worm Gear

A self-locking worm gear is a type of worm gear that does not allow the interchangeability of the input and output gears. As you know, in spur gear trains you can interchange the driving gear and the driven gear but the same is not possible for the self-locking type of worm gears. For this type of gear, the worm always acts as a driving gear and the spur gear as a driven gear- vice versa is not possible. If you try to run it otherwise, it will lock automatically.As a matter of fact, most of the worm gear trains used in industry are of the self-locking type. But you can of course design a non-self- locking type of worm gear. Approximately, if the tangent of the helix angle of the worm gear is less than the coefficient of friction between the worm and the gear, then the worm gear train should be a self-locking type.